HOW/WHERE TO REGISTER: Performers can sign-up by clicking here.  Purchase a performer ticket and email the requested information & a photo of yourself.  Further instructions are provided on the linked page.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: July 29th or when 60 acts have registered – whichever comes first.

REGISTRATION FEE: $10 for single performer, $15 for duo, $20 for bands or groups with 3 or more members. Registration fee should be paid online at:  If you cannot pay online, contact Buffalo Wild Wings and they can help you get registered.

ELIGIBILITY: Any resident of Culpeper County (or within a 60 mile radius of Culpeper) can enter as long as they 1) have not won 1st place in Culpeper Has Talent previously, 2) are not a full-time professional (do not perform their talent as their primary source of income) and 3) are at least 18 years old (or have their parent / guardian’s written permission to participate).  Performers from outside those counties may be allowed entry at our discretion.  All participants must sign a PERFORMER AGREEMENT & if a performer (or any member of a performing group) is a minor, then a signed PARENTAL CONSENT FORM must also be filed. Requisite forms will be emailed to registered performers in late June.  Signed forms must be returned before your performance date to be eligible.


Auditions: Saturday, August 12th & Saturday, August 19th from 8p.m.-11p.m / Check in at 7:00p.m .  Held at Culpeper Buffalo Wild Wings 763 Nalles Mill Rd. Culpeper, VA 22701

Semifinals: Saturday, September 2nd from 8:00p.m.-11:00p.m. / Check in at 7:00p.m.  Held at Culpeper Buffalo Wild Wings 763 Nalles Mill Rd. Culpeper, VA 22701

Grand Finale:  Saturday, November  4th from 8:00p.m.-10:30p.m. / Check in at 6:00p.m.  Held at Germanna Daniel Technology Center 18121 Technology Dr. Culpeper, VA 22701

ONLINE VOTING (AFTER AUDITIONS):  All auditions will be video recorded and posted online for public viewing & voting beginning Sunday, August 20 @ 12PM EST.  Voting will continue for 3 days & will close on Wednesday, August 23 @ 12PM EST.  Each person can vote once per day & may choose up to 5 performers as part of that vote.  Voting will be done online at   

The 20 acts with the most votes will advance to the Semifinals (Sept. 2) and will be announced on, social media & also on WJMA C103.1 on Tuesday, August 29 @ approximately 1PM (same day).


During the Semifinals, the judges will decide most of the acts to advance to the Grand Finale, but we are allowing the show attendees to select 1 of them – the Fan Favorite.  The judges will select the other 9 acts (10 total finalists).   The fans (in attendance at the show) will vote and their selection will be the FIRST act to make it into the finals.  The remaining 9 acts will then be the highest scoring acts

To take part in the voting during the Semifinals, fans must have a smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc) to cast their vote AND BE PRESENT at Buffalo Wild Wings (the URL for voting will be given at the beginning on the Semifinal show).  Voting will remain open during the show and will end approx. 15 minutes after the acts have finished their performances.

The Fan Favorite will be the Semifinalist that receives the most votes from ATTENDEES at Buffalo Wild Wings during the Semifinal show and will be the FIRST CHT 2017 finalist selected & announced.  The remaining 9 acts chosen by the judges will then be announced.  The 10 finalists including the Fan Favorite will be posted online & on social media following the Semifinal show.

PERFORMANCE CHECK-INS: Participants must check in the day of the auditions no later than 1-hour before showtime (2 hours for the Grand Finale).  Failure to check in on time for either audition or finals may result in cancellation of your performance.  Early checkin allows us to soundcheck (if needed), run through details of everyone’s performance, answer last minute questions, etc.  So don’t be late! 

TYPES OF TALENT ALLOWED: All acts must be safe and appropriate (family friendly). All talent is encouraged to enter. Onstage talent includes: singing, dancing, comedy, musical instruments, poetry, theatre, etc.  Absolutely no explicit music,  sexual themes, provocative lyrics, stunts, etc.  Lip syncing and pyrotechnics are prohibited. Performer’s outfits must be tasteful & appropriate for the desired act to be performed.  Basically,

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS PER ACT: An act is allowed a maximum of 6 people.

PROPS: Contestants are responsible for their own props, music, and special equipment. Speakers, microphones, lights & stage will be provided.  If you require any additional equipment, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you. Due to time constraints supplied equipment will be on stage and available for use during your performance.  All musical group acts may have to use the same equipment during the auditions & semifinals depending on the number of bands, groups, etc.  In the finals, special setups may be requested but not guaranteed. CHT will review any such requests and make every effort to accommodate. Recorded music on a labeled CD or an MP3 via email must be provided no later than one week prior to the show date. If submitting a CD, it must be labeled with the appropriate track number and song title. MP3s should be clearly named and the accompanying email should clearly identify who the MP3 is for. Stage dimensions are 8 x 16 but please keep in mind that musical equipment on the stage and might not be able to be moved.

PERFORMANCE TIME LIMITS: During the auditions, acts will be allowed up to 5 minutes to perform their selected act. Those who exceed this limit may be disqualified at the discretion of CHT. During the semifinals, acts will be allowed up to 5 minutes to perform their selected act. During the finals, acts will be allowed a maximum of 10 minutes to perform their selected act. In the semifinals & finals, if an act exceeds the allowed performance time, a significant penalty will be assessed on the judges scorecards.

PROCESS AND SCORING: Acts will audition in front of a live audience at Buffalo Wild Wings. Auditions will be recorded & posted online for the general public to view & vote on. Voters can vote once per day during the 7 day voting period – and they may vote for up to 20 performers. The 20 acts receiving the most votes during the voting period will continue on to the semifinals. The top 20 acts will then perform in front of a panel of judges as well as another live audience. Again, performances will be recorded and posted online.  During a new 7 day voting period, the public will again be able to vote for their favorite act (no more than once per day) and during this voting period they may only vote for 1 act per day.  The first act chosen for the finals will be the act with the most votes as determined by voting. The remaining 9 acts to perform in the finals will be the ones with the highest average judge’s score.

RIGHT TO REMOVE / DISQUALIFICATION:  Performers who do not comply with the rules and regulations will be disqualified. CHT reserves the right to disqualify any performer, at any time and for any reason.  Our goal is to ensure that all attendees and performers have a great time.  Any effort to intentionally or otherwise go against that will end in a performer’s disqualification.  Let’s keep it clean & have fun!  Performers and/or their families are not permitted to contact any of our judges for the purpose of discussing the show until after the Grand FInale.  Failure to adhere to this strict rule will result in immediate disqualification. 

NEWS, ANNOUNCEMENTS & UPDATES: All updates regarding the talent show will be posted on our website and/or on Facebook.  Please go to for all information pertaining to the show.

FORMS & RELEASE WAIVERS: The PERFORMER AGREEMENT and PARENTAL CONSENT FORM (if applicable) must be filed also before you can audition. No exceptions.  These documents will be emailed to you prior to your designated audition date.

COME READY TO PERFORM:  Please bring all props or equipment with you on the day of your auditions as well as the day of semifinals & finals (if applicable). There will be no dressing rooms so please arrive prepared and ready to go. These rules & regulations are subject to change without notice.

FORMS, QUESTIONS & FEEDBACK: Please send all signed forms and/or questions to Gordon Humphrey via email at:!  Good luck!

Culpeper Has Talent, Hump Day Media nor Buffalo Wild Wings are responsible for typos, errors in the rules, etc. These rules may change without notice and participation in CHT 2017 signifies your acceptance of this stipulation.  We will make every effort to communicate any changes to these rules when & if they occur. CHT & Hump Day reserve the right to modify these rules if & when any discrepancy or issue with the rules as described is discovered.  If in doubt, check these rules on our website.  The online rules posted here on our website constitute the official rules.